Membership Duties for Mary's S.O.S.

1. Morning Offering each day, surrendering oneself to God through Mary, Our Mother in Heaven.

2. Pray often throughout the day for souls who choose to reject God, especially those who will die this day.

Recommendations for Mary's S.O.S.

1. Offer daily Mass and Holy Communion as often as you can in reparation for souls.

2. Seek union with God throughout the day by short prayers, or just turning one's heart to God through Our Lady.

3. Be willing to seek and grant forgiveness, and to participate in other sacraments of the Church, especially frequent Confessions.

4. Spend some time before the Blessed Sacrament each week.

5. See Christ in others at all times and in all places.

6. Gladly offer up little sacrifices to save souls.

7. Pray for the souls in Purgatory, especially for deceased relatives and friends.