The Little Way of St. Theresa

"Do everything for the love of Jesus!" St. Theresa of Liesiux

Two months before she went to Heaven, St. Theresa (or St. Thérèse) of the Child Jesus said to her Mother Superior: "I feel that my mission is just beginning, my mission of making others love the good Lord as I love Him and giving to souls my Little Way." When asked to explain, she added: "It is the Way of Spiritual Childhood, the Way of confidence and total abandonment to God."(1)

Rev. Jamart sums up St. Theresa's "little way" as follows:(2)

"Therese's spirituality, her doctrine of the Way of Childhood can be reduced to three fundamental principles:

1. We must fully recognize our spiritual poverty, our incapacity, and accept this condition.

2. We must have recourse to God with blind and filial confidence, in order that He may accomplish in us what we cannot do by our own powers; for God is our Father; he is Love infinitely merciful.

3. We must believe in Love and apply ourselves to the practice of love."

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