Praying the Holy Rosary


Many Christians tend to greatly underestimate or misinterpret this repetitive chanting. We should never forget that we are forever part of Christ's living Mystical Body. Beyond our immediate sense experience, every Christian and even non-Christian is connected intimately with the whole Divine Heavenly Family, i.e., the Most Holy Trinity and the whole Family of Holy Angels and Saints. Unless we have deliberately cut ourselves off from Christ the ever Resurrected All-in-all through our mortal sin(s), we are always (at least potentially or in varying minimum degrees) filled with His indescribably glorious Divinity and Humanity. The problem is the veil (cf. 2Cor 3: 14-18; etc.). Composed of various sinful energies, this anti-Christ veil tends to permeate and block us incessantly from becoming ever greater sharers of Christ's Divinity and Humanity. In order to activate (or reactivate) Christ's efficacious omnipresence and break the ever oppressing veil, we need, along with the Sacraments of the Church, every repetition found in the Holy Rosary, especially that related to the powerful names of Jesus (cf. Phil 2: 9-11) and Mary (cf. Immaculate Mary, Catholic Book of Worship, Vol. 2, p. 611, beginning of verse 3).

Imagine this: Each time when our very name is most sincerely uttered by someone we love deeply, are not our whole attention instantly summoned? Are not all our energies fully activated, radiating toward that person? Imagine again: Each time when the names of Jesus and Mary are mostly lovingly uttered by us (their dearly beloved), are not Their whole attention instantly summoned? Are not all Their energies fully activated, radiating toward us?

As the Second Person of the Triune God, Jesus Christ is forever God the All-in-All in the Most Holy Trinity ad intra, as well as being God the All-in-all in the Most Holy Trinity ad extra. Naturally, "at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father" (Phil 2: 10-11).

At the same time, Christ Jesus in His Sacred Humanity (e.g., in His Human Body, Blood, and Personhood) unceasingly carries the fullness of Maryness, the physical, emotional and spiritual nature and substance of His own blood Mother. Universally, medical doctors, psychologists and theologians today tend to affirm the inextricable intimacy and connection between a son (or daughter) and his (or her) mother. That may explain why the Mother of God had to be perfectly and perpetually immaculate, without any stain of original and personal sins. This is to avoid contaminating and destroying Christ's perfect Sacred Humanity, and therefore our all-important salvation. As we know, Christ's Trinitarian Divinity can only be approached through His Incarnation or Sacred Marian Humanity.

The above is leading to the following which is too good to be true and yet it is indisputably true:

In accordance to the degree of our faith, hope and love for Our Heavenly Mother, each time when the name Mary is uttered, it is impossible for Christ's Maryness (hence also Christ's Sacred Marian Humanity, as well as Christ's omnipresent Trinitarian Divinity which is irreversibly united as one with His Sacred Marian Humanity) not to be activated. In fact, the more lovingly and frequently the name Mary or its equivalent (cf. Litany of the Blessed Virgin) is called, the more powerful Christ's omnipresent, radiant Divinity and Humanity is activated within and around us.

Apparently, besides the Sacraments and the Divine Office, the Holy Rosary is the most awesome defense system (side by side with the Jesus Prayer and the Charismatic gift of tongues). It is designed and designated against the unceasing onslaught of sinful energies which invades us from all directions. Without our permission, these unfriendly forces seem to be sinking in our soul and body from every ungodly source the whole world around. Acting like various vicious, hard-to-detect viruses over the internet or the biological world, these invisible, unholy radiating energies tend to repeat attacking and contaminating us without mercy and hesitation. Spiritually, we therefore need an effective immune system and/or a star-war shield which can mightily defend and protect us, thinning and breaking the deadly intruding veil which keeps building within and around us.

Just as the powerful Jesus Prayer ("Lord Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner!"), if prayed slowly with our heart, the amount of Divine Energy activated, hence protection and blessings, go beyond our imaginations. If possible, we should indeed pray the whole fifteen decades each day. It may be exactly what we need.

Further, since the Rosary is a repetitive prayer, as well as an intuitive meditation over the fifteen joyful, sorrowful and glorious mysteries of the life of Christ and His Mother, we should never be disturbed by unintentional distractions. With a general good intention, even our mere sincere chanting can powerfully help the Holy Spirit activate an immense amount of God's omnipresent grace or Energy for us. As one may take years to understand it, praying the Holy Rosary is unspeakably important in our daily walk with Jesus and the Holy Spirit towards God the Father, who are in Heaven, in our hearts, as well as everywhere.

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