The Catholic Church in Russia
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For centuries Russia has been in contact with Catholicism. Individual Catholics came to Russia as traders or diplomats. Larger groups of Catholics migrated from Russia and Poland or were deported from the Western parts of the Soviet Union, which were traditionally Catholic, to other parts which were traditionally Orthodox or Muslim.

As this site develops it is hoped that a clear picture of the Catholic Church in Russia might be provided. Its history, its present and its future, its people and its connections with Russia, Russian culture and Orthodoxy all remain areas of special interest.

This site would like to make a recommendation: that you become aquainted with a typical Catholic Parish in Russia. The parish of Syzran is an average sized parish in provincial Russia. Its story and the tales that its parishoners have to tell, represent what it means to be a Latin Rite Catholic in the Russia of today. How did the parish begin, who are the parishoners, how has it grown, what difficulties does it face and what does the future hold for it? The answers to these questions tell a typical story of Catholics in Russia. Also from the Syzran Home Page links to other parishes in Russia will be made.The parish of Syzran also attempts to enter the cyber age.

Maybe you would like to become spiritually associated or a member of the Cyber Parish of the Holy Cherubim and Seraphim. 

Catholic sites in Russia
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First of all there is this Internet Center where you are now located. Here you can find a wide range of articles and ideas dealing with Ecumenism, Catholicism in Russia, Russian Orthodoxy, and finally Russian Philosphy and Culture. The aim of this site is to encourage a growth towards mutual comprehension and above all towards Unity within the Church which is the Mystical Body of Christ.

This site offers an alternative and challenging look at contemporary Catholicism in Russia  (This is the page you are reading now).

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As of yet not all parishes are connected to the net, but a few are. Just as each parish differs greatly from one another so also do the various sites. If you have some free time, maybe you would like to make a cyber tour or pilgrimage of the various parishes.........

Parishes ....

Trans-parochial ....

There are also some pan Russian sites:

Interesting materials

The New Russian Law Concering Freedom of Religion (in English), just click here

Maybe you would like to know how many Catholics there are in Russia. This article looks at debatable stastics of Catholics in Russia. It shows how many practising Catholics there are, what sectors are decreasing and what ones are increasing, and what this radical changing of the Catholic population can mean for the future.

Since 1991, the Catholic Church has been organised into Apostolic Administrations. What are these? This describes what apostolic administrations are, how they developed in Catholic Canon Law. It shows that they are an ecumenically sensitive structure for Catholicism in Russia. The article seeks to propose possible ecumenical developments of the apostolic administrations. 

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