Prayerful Approach to Grace

Importance of Prayer: *We Must Pray/ *A Stark Reality/ *A Mystical Definition/

Valuable Vocal Prayers: *The Our Father/ *Glory be/ *The Apostles Creed/*An Act of Contrition/ *Morning Offering/ *Take, Lord and Receive/ *Prayer of Trust/ *Hail Mary/ *St. Joseph/ *St. Michael/*Guardian Angel/ *A Prayer for Priests/ *Another Prayer for Priests/ *Holy Family/

The Holy Mass: *A Prayer before Mass/*A Prayer after Mass/

The Liturgy of the Hours: *Liturgical Calendar/

The Holy Rosary: *Angelica's/

Holy Communion: *Spiritual Communion/ *The Anima Christi/ *An Intimate Prayer After Holy Communion/

Litanies: *Blessed Virgin Mary/ *Holy Angels/

Consecrations: *Sacred Heart of Jesus/ *33-Day Consecration/

Novenas: *Divine Mercy/ *Novena for the Seven Gifts/ *Annunciation Novena/ *Divine Mercy Novena Starting on Good Friday/

Intercessions: *Special Prayers at Fatima/ *Mary's S.O.S./ *Helping the Poorest of the Poorest/ *Seven-Sorrow Rosary/ *Send a Prayer Petition/

Others: *Stations of the Cross/ *Prayerful Meditations/*St. Therese of Lisieux/ *St. Francis/ *St. Clare/ *St. Mary Magdalene/

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