Mother of Mercy Chapel

A Chapel for Spiritual Communion

Mother of Mercy, pray for us! For further helpful prayers, click here.

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Ideally, we Catholics should go to daily Mass, receive Holy Communion, and remain before the Tabernacle as long as possible. Even when we take ill, we still should ask our pastor for a special delivery of the Sacred Host. For whatever reason, when the above become impossible, this chapel here (on the internet) may help quench some of our thirst for our Holy Communion with Christ. It must be clearly stated that it does not replace a regular church, chapel, retreat house, or prayer corner at home, etc.

There is indeed a tradition in the Church called spiritual communion in which, with the help of grace and the intercession of Saints and Angels, we would enter into spiritual communion with the Holy Eucharist. It may take place anywhere outside of a regular Holy Communion. The purpose of this chapel is reached if it can offer us a moment of sacred quietude and spiritual communion with God.