From Being to Energy-Being:

An Emerging Metaphysical Macroparadigm Shift in Western Philosophy



1. Plato's Theory of Forms and the Problem of Universals

2. St. Augustine's Concept of God as the All-Present Being

3. St. Thomas's Concept of Ipsum Esse Subsistens

4. Palamas' Distinction between God's Essence and Energy

5. Awakening from the Kantian Anti-Supernatural Slumbers

6. Kant's Naturalistic Religion and religion

7. Paradigm Shift from Being to Energy-Being

8. Christian Faith Encounters New Age Faith

9. Revisiting St. Thomas's Truth in terms of Qi

10. URAM of the Li-Qi Universe for the Postmodern World

Concluding Remarks

Index of Names

* Besides Prof. Kevin Sharpe (1950-1998), a grateful word of acknowledgment is due to Rev. Prof. Petro Bilaniuk (1932-1998), Rev. Prof. John Perry, S.J., Rev. Prof. Mark DeStephano, S.J., Prof. Joseph Chan, Rev. Prof. Edmund Ryden, S.J., Prof. Thomas Langan, Prof. Janine Langan, Prof. Vincent Shen, Prof. Stephen Modell, Prof. Leslie Van Gelder, Prof. Paul Kwong, Dr. Isabel Massey, Mr. Tony Ercolani, and Ms. Maria Carmen Lee. Whereas the present electronic copy is dedicated to Prof. Kevin Sharpe, the hard copy of this monograph is dedicated to Rev. Prof. Petro Bilaniuk, in loving memory of their great kindness and excellent scholarship amid the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Grace Institute of the Holy Eucharist (1985-2010). Praise God! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Date: December 8, 2010, Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the 85th Anniversary of the Fu Jen Catholic University

*Update: October 30, 2012 (for the background only)

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