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Cathedral of the Assumption

Attn: ACT Group

443 South Fifth Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40202

(502) 582-2971

ACT Officers for 2003

Chairperson: Jeri Brownfield

Jeri leads the group and chairs the monthly meetings. She also stays in touch with all the members of the steering committee, helping out as needed.

Communications Coordinator: Jeffrey Cantor

Jeffrey takes the minutes from each meeting and then creates and sends out our monthly newsletter. 

Community Service Coordinator: Pat Mudd & Julia Hamand

Pat and Julia are in charge of the scheduling of community service projects, and helping others in the group to plan projects.

Membership Coordinator: Laura Larkin

Laura is in charge of retainment, recruitment, and publicity for the group.

Social Coordinator: Kevin Devlin

Kevin is in charge of scheduling of social events, including the dinners after monthly meetings. Kevin will organize or help others to organize these events.

Spiritual Coordinator: Jim Greer

Jim is in charge of scheduling and the organizing of faith-centered education programs and guest speakers.

Treasurer: Chris Herndon

Chris tracks how much money we have and makes sure it is properly spent.

The ACT group is always wanting new ideas, so please, join in! Committees are always needing your help. Be a part of something educational, caring, and fun.

For more information about our group and current happenings see the Cathedral's bulletin each week.
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